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BBC Merlin GIF Archive

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BBC Merlin GIF Archive
Rules & Regs

GIFs of any size are welcome, including icons. Any subject matter related to Merlin is acceptable- including cast appearances, interviews, footage of the cast in other work.

By posting GIFs to this community, you agree to let me archive, organize, and share them in the community photobucket album - all of course with credit to you, the lovely and dedicated GIF makers!

In the interest of not exploding internets, please post ALL GIFs behind a cut. If you prefer you may post a link to your journal, and your GIFs will still be archived.

If you would like to be credited by a name other than your LJ user name, just make note of it in your post!

PLEASE do not post someone else's work (even with credit!) without their permission.

If at any time you wish to have your work removed from the archives, send a request to the mod.

Non-GIF posting

We also welcome the following types of posts:

- requests for specific GIFs

- tutorials

- Con-crit